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[movies]Thompson & Cotton forgive - PopTech
The story of Jennifer Thompson and Ronald Cotton is one of liberation and forgiveness. In 1984, Thompson testified that Cotton raped her, for which he was sentenced to life in prison. Eleven years later, DNA evidence cleared him of the crime. Thompson and Cotton went on to write a memoir together about their experience.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Psychology; Conflict; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 19
[movies]Deborah Kenny's fixing education - PopTech
Deborah Kenny wants to scale the effective programs her organization, Harlem Village Academies, has produced. By avoiding previous, well-intentioned, failures and by providing teachers and students with empowering tools, she wants to get what's working for her schools in every US school--and she encourages all of us to get involved.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2010; Education; Youth
Downloads: 218
[movies]Stephen Vitiello: Intimate Listening - PopTech
From composing electronic music to scoring experimental videos to making larger-scale public installations that create immersive soundscapes, sound artist Stephen Vitiello invites his audience to reinterpret sound. He took us on a sonic tour of his work including recordings from a 1999 residency at the World Trade Center and his sound installation at New York City's High Line, "A Bell for Every Minute."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; PopTech 2010; Art
Downloads: 203
[movies]Gale McCullough Citizen Scientist - PopTech
Gale McCullough was looking at photos of whales on Flickr and spotted markings of one she recognized from a photo taken three years and 6,000 miles apart. She confirmed the match through marine laboratory Allied Whale's database, earning the moniker "citizen scientist" for her discovery that these whales travel enormous distances in their lifetimes.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Data; Ocean; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 25
[movies]Patrick Flanagan: Robot Drums - PopTech
The one-man band, Jazari, consists of machines that play a variety of hand percussion instruments, all under the control Patrick Flanagan, who wields a custom-built controller and a Wii remote to create improvised jam sessions. After performing, Flanagan walked the crowd through the technical process of how his system works.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; Music; Robotics; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 244
[movies]Kevin Dunbar on unexpected science - PopTech
Psychology professor Kevin Dunbar studies how scientists approach the unexpected and learn from mistakes. Over the course of a year, Dunbar's team studied the habits of four molecular biology labs. They found that those labs most successful at turning mistakes into new theories tended to be more diverse and willing to take risks.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Psychology; Education; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 18
[movies]Larry Smith's Six Word Project - PopTech
Larry Smith wants to know your story. Since 2006, Smith has undertaken the Six-Word Memoir Project inviting his Smith Magazine readers to tell their live stories in just six words. His six-word memoir project can now be found in classrooms, boardrooms, hospitals, churches, speed-dating sessions, and at live six-word "slams" across the world.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Language; Culture; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 298
[movies]April Smith and The Great Picture Show - PopTech
April Smith and the Great Picture Show serve up an exuberant blend of vintage-inspired music that drips with emotion and grace. The group recently released their first CD, a fan-financed project called Songs for a Sinking Ship.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Culture; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 164
[movies]Siddhartha Mukherjee: The Cancer Puzzle - PopTech
Siddhartha Mukherjee's fascination with cancer is rooted not just in how to fight it, but in where it originated. Discovering almost nothing on the subject, the cancer physician and researcher wrote "Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer," that explores the history of the disease that causes one-quarter of all American deaths.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2010; Medicine; Health
Downloads: 237
[movies]Susan Casey: In Awe of Waves - PopTech
Susan Casey wrote her latest book, The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean, after researching the beautiful, mysterious and terrifying behavior of waves for the past three years. Casey recounted astonishing tales of misfit waves from around the world and what drew her to confront them firsthand.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; Ocean; PopTech 2010; Business
Downloads: 236
[movies]OK Go's Synchronized Sounds - PopTech
OK Go's eccentricities and music videos are undeniably captivating. But there's no denying that they are incredible musicians too. OK Go took to the PopTech stage with acoustic performances of "White Knuckles," "Return," (performed with bells) "This Too Shall Pass" and "Here It Goes Again."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Art; PopTech 2010; Culture
Downloads: 193
[movies]Reggie Watts: Humor in music - PopTech
Reggie Watts is an entertainer who combines stream-of-consciousness improvisational comedy with music to create a wholly original experience. A PopTech veteran, Watts knows this audience well and he handled them like a pro, getting big laughs with a smart blend of sarcasm and self-deprecation during his performance.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Funny; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 282
[movies]Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek - PopTech
Imogen Heap plays a stripped-down version of what she says is her most popular song, "Hide and Seek." It came together by accident one night when her computer died and she was forced to look at her instruments in a new way.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Art; Environment; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 455
[movies]John Legend: Wake Up - PopTech
Accompanied only by his piano, Grammy award-winning recording artist and philanthropist John Legend performs the soulful "Wake Up" and "Shine" from his album, Wake Up!, including a song that appears on the soundtrack to the documentary Waiting for Superman.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Culture; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 2,332
[movies]Michael Blum: Failure and Resiliency - PopTech
Tulane ecology professor Michael Blum has been at the front lines of the Gulf coast oil spill response and clean-up efforts. In his PopTech talk, he analyzed the operational, organizational and technological failures that led to the accident as well as the community's resiliency in its rebuilding efforts.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Water; Ocean; PopTech 2010; Resilience; Ecology
Downloads: 92
[movies]Tom Darden: Make It Right - PopTech
Tom Darden is the Executive Director of the Make It Right Foundation, an organization founded by actor Brad Pitt to build 150 green, high design homes in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward, a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Darden said he wants to take what has been a local conversation about green construction to the national level.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Architecture; Green; PopTech 2010; Sustainability; Community
Downloads: 15
[movies]Adrian Owen: Search for Consciousness - PopTech
What if you were completely conscious but couldn't move or speak? Neuroscientist Adrian Owen and his team have been using brain-imaging techniques to determine levels of consciousness in vegetative patients. By giving simple commands and then measuring brain activity, Owen has learned some patients are completely aware despite being entirely unable to communicate or move their limbs.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Health; Medicine; PopTech 2010; Mind; Neuroscience
Downloads: 30
[movies]Chris Chabris: When Intuition Fails - PopTech
Psychologist and neuroscientist Chris Chabris studies how rarely we see the world as it really is. A creator of the famous "gorilla experiment," Chabris' work reveals how relying on our intuitions is perilous. Because of copyright issues, we're unable to show the video in its entirety. Please watch the Invisible Gorilla video prior to this talk.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Psychology; Culture; PopTech 2010; Neuroscience; Mind
Downloads: 16
[movies]Nathan Eagle: Global mobile workforce - PopTech
Nathan Eagle is harnessing mobile phone data in emerging markets. He's launched txteagle, a program that enables the under-employed to earn money or phone credits by performing tasks on their cell phones. Through partnerships with over 220 mobile phone operators, txteagle is active in nearly 100 countries.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Africa; Mobile; Development; Business; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 30
[movies]Ben Dubin-Thaler: Science by Bus - PopTech
Ben Dubin-Thaler, a biologist and founder of Cell Motion Laboratories Inc., drives the BioBus, a repurposed transit bus outfitted with a high-tech science lab that serves as a mobile laboratory to get kids interested in science.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Education; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 18
[movies]Graham Hill: Life Edited - PopTech
Treehugger founder Graham Hill announced the launch of a new online design competition, Life Edited, and asked all interested parties to weigh in on how he can best design his new 420 square foot New York City apartment. Offering up to $70,000 in prizes, Life Edited is raising the stakes for low-impact designers.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Ecology; Environment; Green; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 21
[movies]Riley Crane: Crowdsource win - PopTech
Riley Crane, a postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Media Lab, found out about the DARPA Red Balloon Challenge four days before it started (find ten balloons placed in ten different locations around the country). Four days, eight hours, and 52 minutes later his team had won the competition. Watch him talk about how they did it and the challenges they encountered in the process.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Data; Culture; PopTech 2010; Crowdsourcing; Collaboration
Downloads: 213
[movies]Sound and science with Jad Abumrad - PopTech
From crayfish hairs to monkey neurons, Radiolab host and producer Jad Abumrad shares examples of how sound has been used to make scientific strides. Along the way, he explains how audio can convey failure or express error.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2010; Biology; Music; Mind; Funny
Downloads: 95
[movies]Ben Goldacre Talks Bad Science - PopTech
Author of the Guardian's weekly "Bad Science" column and Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks, British physician Ben Goldacre dismantles the questionable science behind an assortment of drug trials, court cases, and events of our time.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Health; Culture; Politics; Education; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 136
[movies]David Eagleman on Possibilianism - PopTech
Neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman introduces the concept of Possibilianism, a new philosophy that simultaneously embraces a scientific toolbox while exploring new, unconsidered uncertainties about the world around us.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2010; Psychology; Neuroscience; Mind
Downloads: 124
[movies]Kathryn Schulz: Being Wrong - PopTech
Kathryn Schulz is an expert on being wrong. The journalist and author of "Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margins of Error," says we make mistakes all the time. The trouble is that often times being wrong feels like being right. What's more, we're usually wrong about what it even means to make mistakes--and how it can lead to better ideas.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Culture; Business; Psychology; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 47
[movies]Asil Abulil, Nour Al-Arda, Asil Shaar, and Jameela Khaled Innovate from the Edge - PopTech
Inspired to help a blind friend navigate the streets of their West Bank refugee camp, Palestinian students Asil Abulil, Nour Al-Arda, and Asil Shaar and their teacher Jameela Khaled, designed a cane that beeps and vibrates, which won an award at Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Youth; PopTech 2010; Innovation; Entrepreneur
Downloads: 77
[movies]Pieter Hoff's Groasis waterboxx - PopTech
Dutch bulb grower, Pieter Hoff has an idea about how to make deserts bloom: capture the humidity in the air, store it in a box, and use that condensation to water plants. He calls this box the Groasis waterboxx and he thinks it can change how we feed the world and reduce greenhouse gases.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; PopTech 2010; Ecology; Green; Sustainability; Water; Innovation
Downloads: 296
[movies]Shorts: Heather Knight's Rube Goldberg infatuation - PopTech
An element of chance and an air of tension draw Heather Knight and her colleagues at Syyn Labs to construct Rube Goldberg contraptions. PopTech followed Knight to get her take on the Rube Goldberg that they created to kick off PopTech 2010. And with bated breath, we watched the apparatus come to life - with a little help from some friends.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Robotics; Design; Art; PopTech 2010; Shorts
Downloads: 73
[movies]Donald Ingber: Serendipitous science - PopTech
Donald Ingber explains how taking an undergraduate sculpture course while learning how to culture cells led to an unexpected breakthrough in understanding cellular construction. He believes an open mind for serendipity correlates to innovations in a diverse range of fields -- from the "lung-on-a-chip" to "DNA origami."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2010; Biology; Health; Innovation; Medicine
Downloads: 31
[movies]Stephanie Coontz: On Marriage - PopTech
What makes an ideal marriage? Stephanie Coontz, a professor of history and family studies and author of "Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage," says that marrying for love is a radical idea. Ironically, as marriage is becoming a more emotionally satisfying relationship, it is also becoming less stable as an institution.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Culture; Psychology; PopTech 2010; Language
Downloads: 234
[movies]Simon Hauger and Azeem Hill on building bad-ass hybrids - PopTech
The West Philly Hybrid XTeam came this close (thumb and forefinger ever so narrowly spaced) to winning the Progressive Automotive XPRIZE's $10 million prize this year. Simon Hauger, who came to teaching from a career in engineering, started the team as an afterschool project for students who wanted a hands-on science experience. Hauger and team co-captain Azeem Hill, a senior at West Philly, share their XTeam story.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Design; Education; PopTech 2010; Youth; DIY
Downloads: 235
[movies]Colin Rich: PopStar - PopTech
Colin Rich captures fantastic images of the world from 24 miles in space. He creates his amazing videos and still photographs with simple system that includes high-altitude weather balloons, hacked video cameras and a GPS system to track the cameras wherever they land. The images he creates are otherworldly. Read and watch more on the PopTech blog.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Photography; Space; PopTech 2010; Shorts
Downloads: 316
[movies]Colin Rich's Near Space Images - PopTech
Colin Rich captures fantastic images of the world from 24 miles in space. He creates his amazing videos and still photographs with simple system that includes high-altitude weather balloons, hacked video cameras and a GPS system to track the cameras wherever they land. Read and watch more on the PopTech blog.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Science; Photography; Space; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 164
[movies]Alan Rabinowitz: Saving Big Cats - PopTech
Alan Rabinowitz overcame a debilitating stutter to lend his voice on behalf of big cats. After creating the world's first jaguar sanctuary and world's largest tiger reserve, the wildlife biologist now calls for new models of conservation that rely on wildlife corridors to allow humans and animals to coexist more peacefully.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; PopTech 2010; Sustainability; Ecology; Big Systems; Activism
Downloads: 30
[movies]Dan Ariely: Adaptive Responses - PopTech
Adaptation is the basic idea that we get used to stuff and interpret signals. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely explores how these types of signals relate to pain and social adaptation. How does our previous exposure to pain alter how we experience it now? How is it that we all appreciate the pinnacle of beauty in the same way, but we're drawn to partners with a level of attractiveness similar to our own?
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Economics; Culture; Psychology; PopTech 2010; Behavioral Economics
Downloads: 261
[movies]Eli Pariser on the Filter Bubble - PopTech
Eli Pariser explores how ideas move in the networked economy. As the board president of MoveOn.org, he pioneered many practices of online organizing. Now, Pariser is focused on the social and political impact of the personalized web, examining the role that filters - both cognitive and software-based - have in shaping what information spreads, which he refers to as the Filter Bubble .
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Culture; Politics; Data; PopTech 2010; Activism; Internet
Downloads: 234
[movies]David de Rothschild and the Plastiki expedition - PopTech
David de Rothschild is on a mission. Alarmed by the devastating impact of plastic pollution in the ocean, the eco-adventurer built the Plastiki, a boat made from 12,000 plastic bottles. In it, he and his crew of nautical nomads sail halfway around the world to alert the public about this ecological crisis and the need to reuse discarded plastics.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Activism; Ocean; Water; PopTech 2010; Green; Ecology
Downloads: 72
[movies]Lisa Gansky: The Future is Sharing - PopTech
Technology entrepreneur Lisa Gansky believes that the growing ubiquity of networked information and relationships are leading to what she calls a "mesh" economy of shared services and products. This "meshiness" not only rewards sharing over ownership, but it is also fundamentally changing our relationship with things from product to experience.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; Culture; Design; Innovation; Entrepreneur; Economics; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 222
[movies]Brian Hare: Peaceful as a Bonobo? - PopTech
What can human society learn from bonobo behavior? Brian Hare studies primates' and non-primates' social skills and asks whether areas of their evolution have surpassed our own.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Psychology; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 141
[movies]Orlagh O'Brien: Illustrating How You Feel - PopTech
Designer Orlagh O'Brien gave a simple emotion-specific quiz to a group of 250 people. Asking respondents to describe five emotions - anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love - in drawings, colors, and words, O'Brien ended up with a set of media she used to create Emotionally}Vague, an online graphic interpretation of the project's results.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Data; PopTech 2010; Culture; Psychology; Language
Downloads: 267
[movies]Carlo Ratti: Oil-absorbing Robots - PopTech
Director of MIT's SENSEable City Lab Carlo Ratti wondered if there was a way to create a small, inexpensive, scalable, self-organizing system to help remove the oil after the Gulf oil spill. He discusses the inception of Seaswarm, a fleet of low-cost oil-absorbing robots in his PopTech 2010 talk.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Ecology; Water; PopTech 2010; Innovation
Downloads: 240
[movies]Sarah Fortune: Fighting TB - PopTech
Why is tuberculosis so resistant to treatment? Sarah Fortune studies the bacterium that causes tuberculosis as well as how it responds to various eradication efforts, with a view to more effectively fighting this increasingly common global scourge.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Health; Biology; Medicine; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 19
[movies]Lauren Abramson: Better Justice - PopTech
As the founder of the Community Conferencing Center, Social Innovation Fellow Lauren Abramson works to alter how society typically responds to crime and conflict -- changing the focus from punishment to accountability, healing, and learning.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Psychology; Conflict; PopTech 2010; Community; Justice
Downloads: 17
[movies]Sean Gourley: Tracking Innovation - PopTech
Sean Gourley is a mathematician who has spent the last seven years using math to understand war and insurgency. He is now applying that understanding to develop ways to map technology companies - in search of the "technology genome."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Business; PopTech 2010; Mapping; Technology
Downloads: 27
[movies]Kevin Starr: Lasting Impact - PopTech
Kevin Starr, Mulago Foundation director, looks for the best solutions to the biggest problems in the poorest countries. He thinks all projects need to answer four questions: Is it needed? Does it work? Will it get to those who need it? Will they use it correctly when they get it? Too many bad ideas are using up our limited resources and that needs to change.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Poverty; Development; Business; Sustainability; PopTech 2010; Big Systems; Social Innovation
Downloads: 9
[movies]Yasser Ansari: Citizen Science - PopTech
Yasser Ansari's Project Noah (Networked Organisms and Habitats), strives to be what he calls "a field guide for every organism." Inspired by Darwin's Field Guide, bio-instruments, and a little bit of steampunk, the platform encourages citizen scientists to step into the world, eyes open, and begin documenting what they find.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Mobile; Environment; Biology; Activism; Green; PopTech 2010; Ecology
Downloads: 20
[movies]Ben Lyon: Mobile Microcredit - PopTech
Ben Lyon founded FrontlineSMS:Credit to allow microfinance institutions to send and receive secure loan payments, track loans and develop a micro-insurance model using the ubiquitous mobile phone.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Development; Finance; PopTech 2010; BoP; Mobile; Microfinance
Downloads: 296
[movies]Kel Sheppey: Fighting HIV/AIDS - PopTech
To combat the spread of AIDS, Kel Sheppey founded Wild4Life, an AIDS awareness and testing organization that collaborates with wildlife conservation groups, reaching remote communities and educating them about the importance of AIDS testing and education. The goal: to completely stop the spread of AIDS by leveraging influence within communities.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Development; Africa; PopTech 2010; Collaboration; Community
Downloads: 224
[movies]Casey Dunn: Evolving Diversity - PopTech
Casey Dunn"Casey Dunn is rethinking where individuality begins. He is fascinated by siphonophores, deep sea superorganinisms comprised of thousands of organisms that are genetically identical but function in different ways. How have evolutionary pressures acted on the siphonophore and the individual organisms within it?
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Biology; Evolution; Environment; Ocean; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 77
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